Winds, Waves, Wonders and more

While some parts of the USA are experiencing spring like conditions we still have a couple of feet of ice on the lakes and snow up to our waist in the woods. The crazy weather system produced lightning, thunder, freezing rain and snow all mixed together last night and it’s expected to continue today. The wind is howling and waves on Lake Superior could get up to 15-20 feet high today. Spring will come to the northwoods eventually and before we know it canoeists will be paddling and camping in the Boundary Waters once again.

Last weekend I enjoyed an over 5 mile ski around the Boundary Waters on Saganaga Lake. The conditions were perfect with a crusty layer of snow on top of the ice. I was able to glide past some of my favorite campsites and while I didn’t see any people I did see signs of wildlife.

One of our resident eagles is back at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and we couldn’t be happier to see him. Speaking of eagles, unfortunately the nest the MN eagle camera follows fell to the ground and the eaglet perished in the fall. From the MN DNR, “It’s unknown why the nest fell, but a likely theory is the weight of snow from the April 1 blizzard likely became too much weight for the branch to support. The branch was dead and the nest was over 20 years old and weighed over 2,000 pounds.” I’m hopeful the pair will rebuild the nest and the MN DNR can continue to allow us to follow the pair or find us another nesting pair to follow.