Wildlife Wonders

I never seem to lose my enthusiasm for seeing wildlife on the Gunflint Trail.  The other day when Josh and I were driving to town we spied a wolf on a side road.  I slowed, turned around and went back to see if it was still there and it was.  We drove down the road and got a great view of a beautiful, black wolf before he disappeared into the trees.  Our attention was then diverted to a grouse who was up a little farther on the road, probably the reason the wolf was still there.  That same evening when we were coming home I thought I saw Blondie saunter off of the Gunflint Trail just a few feet before our turn off to Sag Lake Trail.  But then to my amazement about 1/2 of a mile later, we saw the real Blondie walking on the road.  Two moose, same road.  Marilyn told me they had the opportunity to watch an eagle close up the other day.  They were in the Riverside Cabin when the big bird swooped down and began to walk around the yard.  She said it was one of the oddest things she had ever seen.  He just hobbled around as if he belonged in the yard like a chicken or something.  Then as quickly as he appeared he disappeared back into the sky.  You never know what kind of animal encounters you will have when you’re on the Gunflint Trail.