Wilderness Comfort

     What weighs just over a pound, is the size of a softball, and provides maximum comfort on a canoe trip?  If you guessed an Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock then you are absolutely right.  We first saw these at Canoecopia in March and decided to add them to our Comfort Traveler Package.  Guests loved how easy they were to put up, how light they were and wanted them for their own, so we now offer them in our store and on our online Trading Post

<%image(20060817-eno hammock.jpg|375|270|BWCA Hammock)%>

     I confess,  I hadn’t tried an ENO hammock until a recent outing.  When I looked at them I thought they would be hot to lay in but these hammocks are made from a breathable nylon micro fiber that really does breathe.  They come with caribineers so you can tie rope to them and around a tree.  They are strong and can hold up to 400 pounds and even the single one has room for two smaller people.   You can purchase a strap system for them that makes set up even easier.  When Mike’s 13-year old cousin put one up in between two trees in minutes I knew that was my kind of  hammock!  

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     The Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock is ideal for Boundary Waters canoe camping trips but can be used anywhere.  They are so comfortable and lightweight you can bring them with you everywhere, and believe me, once you try one, you’ll never want to go without.