Where to Eat When Staying in Hoyt Lakes

     After our not so pleasant experience at Vaughns in Hoyt Lakes we drove to Tower, Minnesota.  It was out of the way but we knew they had a variety of good restaurant/bars there from having snowmobiled in the area.  With the kids in tow we went to Benchwarmers which is a nice sports bar on the edge of town.  The eating area was set aside from the bar area and the service was great. 

     The bartender went the extra mile even though it was a Friday night after 8:00pm.  When someone put music into the jukebox and it got pretty loud in there he came over to the table to ask if the music was too loud and if we wanted it turned down.  With Bon Jovi singing and 80’s songs flowing it didn’t bother us a bit.  The place was clean, food was good and service was great.

     We had a similar dining experience the next day when we went out for lunch.  Aurora is just a few miles from Hoyt Lakes and we found Megans Family Restaurant.  I don’t know if it was Megan who served us but the waitress was excellent.  Burgers, soup, sandwiches and salads were all delicious and she was grateful for our business on her slow afternoon.

     The next time you’re in Hoyt Lakes you now know where to eat.  Bon appetite!