What’s Up? The Tent’s Up!


  That’s a good thing for the Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k Run this weekend.  There was a little blood shed but the only casualty after 9 men worked for 3 hours straight was a broken jack hammer.  I drove to the Trail’s End and saw men swinging like they were working on the railroad.  They were actually pounding stakes into the ground to tie the tent off to.  It’s a big job but it’s a big tent too.

     All of the preparations for the Ham Run are coming together quite nicely.  I’m waiting for the USFS to clean up all of the brush in the ditch from this winter and I was told the chipper is on the Trail somewhere.  I haven’t seen it yet but my fingers are crossed that it will come and make the trail even more beautiful.

     It’s going to be a very green run again this year with all of the green initiatives and the trees and foliage leafing out.  If you are coming to watch the runners finish then please bring a water bottle for your beverage at the Ham Dinner.  It’s a cup free race so cups will be limited thanks to HydraPouch.

     It’s going to be a great end to a great race at the Trail’s End Campground.  Chris Callendar will be cooking up the hams again this year and the side dishes are sure to be fabulous.  The public is welcome to come enjoy the Ham Dinner for a nominal donation of $5-$10.  The folks from the Trail’s End Band will be providing music for the event and if you heard them at Mush for a Cure this year then you know you’re in for a treat. You may want to bring a lawn chair to rest in after dancing to their lively music. 

     Plan to spend the weekend on the Gunflint Trail.  We still have openings at Voyageur if you’re looking for a place to stay.  Enjoy a hike, go for a paddle then come enjoy some Ham Run Fun!  I hope to see you on the Trail Less Traveled.