Happy Days Are Here At Voyageur!

     I woke up with a smile on my face this morning.  Not because the fox didn’t bark last night nor because of the clear blue sky but because it’s Elsa and Ron’s first day of work today. 

     Elsa is our cook for the summer and we’re so happy she’s here and starting the season early.  She’s had years of experience cooking at a resort in Lake of the Woods and comes with great references.  Probably the best recommendation was from her husband Ron when he first met Chelsea and said, "You aren’t going to stay that skinny if Elsa’s cooking for you this summer."

     Ron is obviously her biggest fan but we’re all pretty excited to try her cooking.  Originally from the Phillipines Elsa has tons of different recipes and won Mike over when she said she can make great lo mein and rice dishes.  The kids are pumped because she loves to bake so they think they’ll be getting an endless supply of cookies this summer. 

     Ron is working with us part-time but we’re just as happy to have him here for the summer as we are Elsa.  Ron did some guiding on Lake of the Woods and Adam was thrilled to find another person who enjoys fishing as much as he does. 

     The summer crew is coming together quite nicely.  We still need to twist Jessica’s arm and could use a gal who loves to clean but with the crew we have we know it’s going to be an awesome season.  Come visit us because Happy Days are here at Voyageur!