Bark at the Moon

     I’m not sure the calendar says there was a full moon out last night but I do know it was very bright.  It lit up the woods outside of my bedroom window like it was daytime making me think I had overslept.  I looked at the clock at 3:30am because I was awoken by a strange barking sound.

     This wasn’t the normal barking a person would expect to hear while at Voyageur.  My dog Rugby has quite the repetoire of barks but it wasn’t one of his Grouse Barks, Deer Barks, I’m So Happy to See You Barks, I Gotta Pee Barks or Hurry up and Pick Me up Barks.  It wasn’t a wolf howling or barking at the moon either.

     Last night’s barking was coming from a fox outside of my window.  When I first heard this eerie sound I thought a woman was being murdered outside.  I have since discovered and proved the sound does actually come from the body of a fox.  I actually witnessed a fox barking once or I would have never believed they could make such a sound. 

     The barking went on and on in spite of my shouts out the window.  Then Rugby barked and I heard the cat outside of the window meowing.  I went downstairs to let the cat in and as I snuggled back into bed I thought about getting back up to get the video camera to record the noise.  I wondered how much longer the barking would last.  And then like the sound of popcorn popping in the microwave the barking slowed and finally stopped altogether.

     Tonight I’m going to be prepared for the barking fox.  I will place the video camera right next to my bed so when he starts barking I can record it and hopefully put it onto the computer for you to hear.  That action alone should prevent the fox from waking me up again, at least until I put the camera back in its place.