Improvements at Voyageur

     We’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by winners at Voyageur this spring and it’s helping to get things done.  Chelsea has been doing an amazing job with reservations, store orders and assisting with everything else we need help with.  I don’t know how she does it but she makes it all look easy which I know it isn’t.  Having her in the office lets Mike and I get out of the office to work on other things.

     In a small community there are too many other things to keep a person occupied.  Whether it’s training for the volunteer Fire Department, PTA meetings or Community projects we always seem to have other things keeping us out of the office.  But when we do find time to work on Voyageur business then Chelsea is there helping us keep on track. 

     This week Adam Maxwell is here to help out for a few days along with Tara and John.  John has made some major improvements anyone who comes to stay at Voyageur will notice.  Our cabins are getting a facelift and are looking exceptionally nice.

     All of the cabins are being worked on this spring and are going to look terrific.  Riverside has new flooring in the kitchen and doors to the bedrooms while Water’s Edge II gets new flooring and cupboards.  Black Bear Cabin our rustic cabin across the river is being updated as well.  Some new flooring, cupboards and doors will look very good to guests both old and new.  The other little projects John has been working on may not be noticed by everyone but I sure can notice them and I’m very thankful for all he has done.

     There’s a never ending flow of work to be done as a business owner and it’s wonderful to be able to find good people who can help make great improvements at Voyageur.