Most of us have seen these letters strung together before.  It isn’t quite as common to see BYOB on the bottom of a party or wedding invitation as it was in the past but we know it stands for Bring Your Own something starting with the letter "B" that makes your tummy feel warm; Bottle, Booze, Beer or Beverage. 

     I recently received a sticker from Chelsea that says BYOB-bring your own bag- "Plastic Bags Blow" from  I thought it was a really catchy sticker and went to explore their website. is the store’s new name and it’s quite the all encompassing try to save the world store.  They don’t just sell reusable shopping bags they have gift wrapping, cups, water bottles and much more.

     The store and sticker impressed me so much that I emailed them to request stickers for all of my participants in the Ham Run.  They were kind enough to send stickers along with $5 off coupons for everyone.  I’m quite excited for all of the runners to find out about this awesome website and hope you will check it out too.