Where There’s Smoke

     There’s a chimney.  Even though we have received some rainfall people on the Gunflint Trail are still a bit on edge when it comes to the threat of wildfire.  Rain gauges up and down the Trail show anywhere between .15-.50 of an inch of rain from the past couple of days.  Accompanying that rain however were loud bursts of thunder from big streaks of lightening. 

     A tree that is struck by lightening is a bad thing in a dry forest.  It can be the start of a wildfire so that is why when a neighbor phoned this morning reporting smoke, Mike went searching for the source.  He didn’t have to look far before he found a previously unoccupied cabin that now has occupants who were enjoying a fire in their fireplace. 

    The forecast looks good for the coming week.  It may not look good for someone planning a canoe trip but it looks good for quenching the thirst of the dry woods.  We hope the forecasters get it right and we can add some moisture to our land.

     The little bit of rain we have received has done wonders for the flora and fauna.  Wildflowers are beginning to appear and I’ve spotted numerous marsh marigolds on my morning runs.  The trees have burst with green and the grass along the roadway is turning green.  

     This is perfect timing for the Greenest Race of All, The Ham Run Half Marathon and 5k.  It’s tomorrow on the Gunflint Trail and everyone is welcome to join us.  Just be advised, there will be smoke in the air.  Only this time it will be coming from Chris Callender’s cooker, there will be hams a smoking for everyone to enjoy. We hope to see you on the Trail Less Traveled…