Traffic on the Gunflint Trail

Now that Abby is in Kindergarten either Mike or I have to get up to drive her the 1 mile to the Gunflint Trail.  Traffic in the northwoods is common and one can never tell how long it will take to get from Point A to Point B.  On one particular morning I was stuck in stop and go traffic by a fox who couldn’t decide if it really wanted to run into the ditch or in front of the car.  I experienced another delay as a bull moose decided it would rather walk down the middle of the road where the going was good instead of taking the road less travelled through the woods.   I saw a white flag in front of me that could have meant construction ahead, but it was really just a deer trotting into the trees.  Detours always slow me down, there’s something about watching the sun come up over a misty wilderness lake that I just can’t bypass.  I’m glad the traffic on the Trail makes me slow down and appreciate where I live.