Take a Hike



   If you’re looking for a great place to hike then look no further, the Gunflint Trail has some great hiking trails to choose from.  I love all of the hiking trails for different reasons and different lengths of hikes.  There are scenic vistas, waterfalls, cedar swamps and much more.  I recommended guests of ours hike the Magnetic Trail the other day and they were not disappointed. 


    They were expecting the trail to look a bit different after last year’s fire and they were pleasantly surprised with what they found.  Wildflowers lined both sides of the trail and new growth could be seen everywhere.  Blueberry plants, blue bead lillies and a variety of other plants could be seen along with a momma cow and her calf in a nearby swamp.

     Hiking on the Gunflint Trail hiking trails is always a treat.  There are lots to choose from so if you are having trouble deciding then give me a call,  I’m happy to help.