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Boundary Waters Entry Points Open on the Gunflint Trail

The good news, that really isn’t “news,” is the entry points into the Boundary Waters on the Gunflint Trail are open. The fires affecting recent BWCA entry point closures are on the western side of the Boundary Waters and are

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Boundary Waters Drowning

After all of the excitement and anticipation of a Boundary Waters Canoe camping trip no one expects their trip to end in a tragedy but it happens. People drown because they don’t wear a life vest. It’s a headline that

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Paddle quietly and carry a Big Six

There’s no need to carry a big stick when you’re paddling and portaging in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area but you should probably think about carrying a Big Six Camp Chair made by Big Agnes.  This big and comfortable high

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Boundary Waters Peace and Quiet?

  I sometimes wonder how silence can be so welcoming to some and not to others. I find it wonderful to be away from vehicle alarms, horns, sirens, traffic and chatter. When it’s noisy it interrupts my connection to the

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Colors Changing on the Gunflint Trail

We’re beginning to see some color changes on the Gunflint Trail. Maybe it was the hot, dry spell we had that started the transformation of colors? Whatever the reason we’re not ready for summer to be over quite yet. There’s

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Paddling & Camping in the BWCA is my Passion

What makes you happy when you talk about it or think about it? That’s one way to determine what you are passionate about. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside today with the sun shining brightly and warmly. It makes me wish I

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Camping with Mike

I may be biased but my favorite person to go canoe camping with is Mike.  Most people love to spend time with Mike anywhere so it shouldn’t be surprising that anyone who has camped with him has thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

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Big Lakes or Small Lakes

As a canoe outfitter we get asked numerous times about our favorite lakes or which one is better than the other. Small lakes are nice because they aren’t as affected by wind so they don’t get as wavy as bigger

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Rain on a Wilderness Canoe Trip

Living at the end of the Gunflint Trail I have a little more flexibility of when I can paddle and camp than someone who lives farther away. I prefer not to start my canoe camping trip in the rain as

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Planning for the 2015 Paddling Season

It’s the end of the paddling season at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters. We may still have a few folks who come up for a late fall trip but for all practical purposes the 2014 BWCA canoe camping season is over. That

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