Paddling & Camping in the BWCA is my Passion

Boundary Waters canoe camping
Boundary Waters Scenery

What makes you happy when you talk about it or think about it? That’s one way to determine what you are passionate about. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside today with the sun shining brightly and warmly. It makes me wish I could be camping this weekend but there’s a play-off volleyball game I need to attend.

Abby had a couple of friends over and they mentioned they were planning to take a canoe trip next summer.  I asked where and he couldn’t remember any of the lakes and asked if I had a map. Do I have a map? No, I have multiple maps of all over and I quickly retrieved them and spread them out on the table.

canoe trip in the BWCA
Canoeing the BWCA

He pointed to Saganaga and Seagull Lake and I quickly went on to tell him about all of the wonderful things in the area. I showed him the route Abby went on this summer, where I’ve solo camped, the palisades and then some. I am not much of a talker but when it comes to talking about canoe trips in the Boundary Waters I could go on for days.

I guess that means canoeing in the Boundary Waters and camping in the wilderness is something I’m passionate about, even 23 years later.

fishing in the Boundary Waters
Fishing in the BWCA
canoe camping in the Boundary Watets
Destination BWCA

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