Camping with Mike

I may be biased but my favorite person to go canoe camping with is Mike.  Most people love to spend time with Mike anywhere so it shouldn’t be surprising that anyone who has camped with him has thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Of course it’s always great fun to listen to Mike tell stories but there are a number of reasons why I love to camp with him.

Mike can do everything that needs to be done on a wilderness canoe trip. I never worry about getting lost because he’s an expert navigator in the woods and on the water. Put him inside of a shopping mall and he struggles a little bit but in the canoe country he’s awesome.

He is also an expert paddler. He does favor paddling on his right side so if you prefer to paddle on your right side you might have to remind him to switch but that’s his only fault. He’s strong, he steers perfectly and he can paddle just as easily in 3 foot waves as he can on a flat calm day.

Mike is great to have along on trips where you’re going to travel because he’s strong. He makes carrying a canoe and pack look easy and he’s always out front to clear away cobwebs.

There are so many other reasons why camping with Mike is such a treat. He loves to cook over a campfire, he doesn’t mind collecting firewood, he knows how to catch and clean fish and there’s no one I would rather listen to around a campfire.

Why am I bragging about Mike and how much fun it is to camp with him? Because some lucky people are going to have the opportunity to camp with him this summer. I’m super jealous because I won’t be able to go with on this trip because I’m not a male. If you are a male, age 17 or older then keep an eye on your inbox because one of our 12 Deals of Christmas is a Quetico Park canoe camping trip with Mike. Can you get July 11-15th off from work? You better check because this deal will be coming soon and it is a deal of a lifetime and a privilege to camp with such an incredibly wise, competent and fun man.

Quetico Park canoe camping
My Favorite Camping & Fishing Partner

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