Sunlight on the Gunflint Trail

     It’s difficult to complain about the thermometer saying -27 degrees this morning when the sun hasn’t stopped shining all month.  Every morning the sun has slowly crept above the trees and graced us with it’s presence all day long.  The amount of time the sun is out is getting longer each day as the sun rises earlier and sets later.  Before long it will be the Spring Equinox when there will be as many hours of sunlight as darkness. 

     We are gaining more and more daylight on the Gunflint Trail every day.  On the 5th of February Sunrise was 7:28 AM and Sunset was 5:13 PM.  Today, a week later, the Sunrise was at 7:17 AM and the Sunset will be at 5:24 PM.  It’s nice to be able to see the sun but I won’t complain later this week if the clouds come and give us some snow.

<%image(20070212-supersm.jpg|200|133|Lake Superior)%>

     It seems all types of weather give us something to be grateful for…  Freezing cold temperatures have turned Duluth’s Lake Superior into a winter wonderland.   Cold clear nights have provided star gazers perfect views into space.  Clouds can bring rain but without rain there wouldn’t be rainbows. 

     Thanks for keeping life interesting Mother Nature.