Turtle Fur

     The temperatures have been cold but I have remained warm while outside.  I credit my warmth to Turtle Fur.  I never even knew turtle’s had fur so imagine my surprise when it was able to keep me so warm.  Here is some background information on how this Turtle Fur product is obtained.  

 Every year we harvest colorful turtle fur from mock turtle nests found on remote islands on Lake Champlain. 100% Virgin Acrylics spin the fur for their friends, the turtles, to protect them from the winter cold and the Wicked Itch of the North. (Turtle Fur Website)


     I have a Turtler Fur neck gaiter that keeps me nice and toasty.  They make an amazingly soft and comfortable product that dries quickly.  The best part about their product is I will actually wear it because it doesn’t make me itch!  They have a variety of products that come in all sorts of colors and wild patterns to choose from. 

     One item I can’t wait to try is their Fog Free Cold Weather Breathing System.  This neck gaiter/face mask has a separate breathing hole for your nose so the air can escape.  This will keep your goggles and sunglasses fog free while your face stays nice and warm. 

     If your looking to stay warm and comfortable this winter then look no further, Turtle Fur is here.