Snow Fun

It was a beautiful day on the Gunflint Trail yesterday.  The sun was shining brightly and the sky was a magical blue.  Heather and I went out for a cross-country ski on the Upper Gunflint Trails.  Surprisingly the trails were in pretty good shape.  Where there was shade the trail was hard, but where there was sun was a different, slushy story.  The higher the sun got the softer and trickier the trails became to ski.  It was a glorious time to be out skiing and a t-shirt and shorts would have been sufficient to stay warm.  If I go out skiing on the trails again then I will need to go early in the morning if I hope to have a hard packed trail.  Otherwise the days of skiing on the Upper Gunflint Trails are coming to an end.

<%image(20060326-heatherfell.jpg|300|225|Gunflint Skiing)%>