Silly Fox, Pallinos are for Kids

If you are like me then you may not know what a Pallino is, then in that case I will tell you.  A pallino is a white ball used in Bocce Ball that is rolled in order to begin the game.  I have never played Bocce Ball but guests of our Water’s Edge Cabin played on their lawn over the weekend.  Their family was having a great time when their Bocce game came to an abrupt halt.  It just so happened that our fox friend decided he wanted to play Bocce and when the Pallino was rolled, he decided to go and get it.  He picked it up in his mouth and started to walk away with it.  When the guests started to yell he dropped it, but quickly picked it back up and headed for the woods.  I can just see the fox now, chewing on the Pallino and laughing about his recent  heist.