Rocks for Sale


     Like father like son, and daughter in this case I guess.  Abby and Josh take after their father when it comes to being entrepreneurs.  In the summer they like to do the "normal" kid’s thing to make money, a lemondade stand.  On Sunday however, they decided to start a rock sale.  

<%image(20070918-rock3psm.jpg|200|62|rocks for sale)%>

  The kids of course wanted to dig out the table and chairs they usually use for lemonade sales.  It was four o’clock in the afternoon so I urged them to just use the picnic table for their sale table.  For once Abby went along with it, at least for a few minutes.  They had been collecting and breaking rocks for quite some time earlier in the day so they had a good selection to choose from lined along the picnic table.

<%image(20070918-rock2sm.jpg|200|178|more rocks )%>

    Business was obviously slow as I told them it would be since any guests we had already checked out.  With business being pretty much non-existent they decided to bring their collection inside of the store for me to sell.  They placed their rocks with hand made price tags kersplat on the front counter. 

     I looked at their rocks in amazement.  Pretty rocks they were, but $20.00 for a rock?  There were some better values in some of the small ones, 3 "P’s"  That’s pennies in grade school.  I thought I would try to sell them online but I’m afraid with postage I won’t have too many takers. 

     I guess if it keeps them off of the streets then I should be happy with them selling rocks for fun.