Quick Trip

     Josh and I were able to take a quick trip into the Boundary Waters on Thursday night.  We did a quick job of packing and got to our campsite around 7pm.  After setting up the tent we still had time to take the canoe out for a little fishing. 

     It was a beautiful evening to be out paddling.  The water was calm, the sun was setting and the moon was on the rise.  The loons were calling as we paddled back to our campsite.  A quick bite to eat, a few chapters of a book and we were both fast asleep underneath the stars. 

     In the morning a mist hung close to the water and the loons were calling once again.  The wilderness is such a wonderful place to be.  As I sat on a rock watching the sun rise I thought about how nice it would be to live on a wilderness campsite.  When Josh woke up we talked about it and he and I both agreed it would be awesome. 

     We decided we could pick a campsite on Saganaga to make things easier.  We could have people drop off necessary supplies with a boat and put an order in for the next time they came out.  We could have them bring us new books, more bait, food and ice for our pop.  If we started to miss someone then we could ask that they be brought out on the next trip out.  We knew we wouldn’t miss television or the radio and Josh certainly wouldn’t miss a shower or bath.  We couldn’t think of a reason we wouldn’t want to stay camped out in the wilderness.

     If I don’t post a blog for the next week or so it’s because Josh and I are out camping.  If you want to come and visit then please bring along a bag of ice and a dozen crawlers just in case we are running low.