Quetico Centennial

     Janice the Ranger at Cache Bay is celebrating her 25th year there in the Quetico Park.  This is an incredible accomplishment as no one else has ever been at a station longer.  It makes me think the Quetico should be older than 100 years if Janice has already been there for a quarter of a century.   I’m not sure what is planned to celebrate for Janice’s 25th year at the station but there are some things planned for the Quetico Centennial that the Quetico would like you to know about.

We are excited about how this summer season and the way the events are unfolding and I would like to update you, and invite you to join in.


If anyone is unaware, Quetico Provincial Park will be celebrating its’ 100th birthday in 2009 and the staff is excited about hosting a number of events and rendezvous.


As you may imagine, there is a lot to do. As an ou tf itter for Quetico we are hoping you will want to be involved. We are looking for prizes for canoe races for our Voyageur races, our Cross Quetico race, and for individual accomplishments like the Hunter Island Loop Challenge.


During this summer there will be a canoe parade, long distance personal challenges, a paddle symposium, and an entire week of paddling events in Atikokan and Quetico starting with:


 July 1stCanada Day Canoe Parade -XY Company’s 30 Km Pursuit – Pro marathon canoe race-Steep Rock Lake and Atikokan River (annual favourite)


July 2ndOntario Provincials-OMCRA- marathon canoe race- French Lake and Pickerel Lake and River, Quetico Park


July 3rd Ontario Provincials- OMCRA- 2nd half


July 4th– Voyageur Festival- 20km Voyageur Canoe Race- French Lake Beach to Pickerel Lake and return- fun shorter races and a Pow-wow and fish-fry as well.


July 5th– Paddle Your Neighbour’s Canoe Symposium – French Lake Beach


This is an informal day at the beach with free clinics by Superior Canoe And Kayak Club.  We are inviting canoeists to come for the week, bring their racing boats, your kayaks, find a voyageur canoe, round up a team for a week of paddling and celebrations. For Ou tf itters, there are opportunities to sponsor, volunteer, or participate.



For the extreme marathon paddler we will be hosting a race in August 8th and 9th that will wet the appetite of any long distance hard core, marathon canoeist, and anyone familiar with the legendary Ely – Atikokan race that was held in the 1960’s.


Originally the race went from Ely, Minnesota through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Quetico Provincial Park to Atikokan, Ontario , .


It was held for 4 consecutive years and became famous among hard core marathon paddlers.


The Cross Quetico Marathon Canoe Race will be 120 miles (almost 200 kilometres) of self navigated wilderness racing.


Because of strict border and BWCAW regulations, we are going to hold the race entirely in Canada from French Lake to Prairie Portage, overnight and return to French Lake .                   

Hunter Island Loop ChallengeFriday, June 12th through Monday, July 13thChallenge yourself and test your limits with this self-navigated, 232-kilometer route around Hunter Island Loop.
Tel: 807-597-2735

National Rivers DaySunday, June 14Celebrate the announcement of the all-Canadian fur trade route becoming the latest addition to the National Heritage River system. An evening film will be shown at the Teaching Place, Dawson Trail Campgrounds, depicting the voyageur era.
Tel: 807-597-2735
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Summer Solstice PaddleSaturday, June 20Join the Park Naturalist and interior park staff traveling from French to Nym Lake under the light of the sun and moon! This event is weather permitting.
Tel: 807-929-3141 ext. 228.

National Aboriginal DaySunday, June 21Listen to legends from the peoples of the past and present. Young visitors can create their very own dream catcher and spirit name.
Tel: 807-597-2735
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Quetico Park’s Staff Reunion Kick-offTuesday, June 30Meet and greet at Dawson Trail Campgrounds on French Lake.
Tel: 807-597-5028 or 597-2735
E-mail: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Canoe the Heart of the Continent Centennial VoyageWednesday, July 1 through Saturday, July 18Celebrate Ontario and Minnesota history, Quetico’s Centennial and build awareness of the coalition “Heart of the Continent” partnership. Voyage by North Canoe around the neighboring Parks and recreational areas.
Contact: Rich Kelley
Tel: 612-333-1858
Email: hocp@heartofthecontinent.org

Canada Day Canoe Parade Wednesday, July 1Join in a parade of canoes down the mighty Atikokan River to celebrate Canada’s birthday.
Tel: 807-597-2735
E-mail: quetico100th@ontario.ca

XY Paddle Company’s Annual Pro Canoe RaceWednesday, July 1This "pro class" race includes two courses: a 14 km lake loop and a 14 km pursuit section upstream on a winding river to finish in the town of Atikokan. There will be a shorter course for recreational canoeists.
Tel: 807-597-2320
Email: xycompany@bellnet.ca

The OMCRA Provincial Canoe Racing ChampionshipThursday, July 2 and Friday, July 3
Male, female and combined races of 2 km, 18 km and 20 km will take place over two days. Races begin and end at Dawson Trail Campgrounds on French Lake in Quetico. Event includes cash prizes drawn at random to offset travel expenses! Must be an adult OMCRA member and have traveled at least 800 km from your place of full time residence to win prizes.
Tel: 905-454-4984
Email: gre8@rogers.com

Quetico Park’s Staff Reunion WeekendFriday, July 3 through Sunday, July 5Tel: 807-597-5028 or 597-2735
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Voyageur Canoe Races and Pow-wow/Fish FrySaturday, July 4Race back in time paddling Voyageur canoes from French to Pickerel Lake and back. There will be a shorter race route for the less experienced, but all races will be competitive and adventurous!
Tel: 807-597-5028 until May; then 807-929-3141 ext.228
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Paddle Your Neighbor’s Canoe and Kayak Symposium – French Lake BeachSunday, July 5Ever wonder what a marathon canoe would be like to paddle? Want to try a sea kayak? This day at the beach includes instructional clinics, exhibitions and demonstrations. Come out and play in the water at Dawson Trail Campgrounds.
Tel: 807 929-3141 ext. 228
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Thunder Bay Dragon Boat FestivalFriday, July 17 through Saturday, July18 This festival throws a twist into canoe racing by paddling dragon boats. Cheer for the USFS and Quetico Staff team as they celebrate 100 years of partnership in managing Quetico and the Ontario and Minnesota border lakes region.
Tel: 807-597-2735
Web site: http://www.thunderbaydragonboat.com/E-mail: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Triple P TriathlonSaturday, July 18Come participate in a fun triathlon that includes paddling, pedaling, and pounding (trekking).
Contact: Julie Slack
Tel: 807-597-6871

Parks DaySaturday, July 18Stargazers, amateur astronomers and nighthawks can learn about the changes in the skies through time and list to the legends of native constellations.
Tel: 807-597-2735
E-mail: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Souris River Canoe ChallengeSaturday, July 25 through Sunday, July 26Take on the challenge! This is a wonderful event to meet like-minded individuals enthusiastic about paddling and the wilderness of Quetico.
Contacts: Keith and Arlene
Tel: 807-597-1292

Arts in the Park WeekendFriday, July 31 through Monday, August 3Discover your creative self and join us for a weekend of art in the park at Dawson Trail Campgrounds. Register for workshops in pine needle basket-making, watercolour, papermaking and finger-weaving. Join us in the official opening of our new lakeshore hiking and snowshoeing trail while taking in a natural art gallery exhibit. Catch the music Jim ‘n’ I and other artists from the region.
Tel: 807-597-2735
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Centennial Canoe Race: A Cross-Quetico Marathon Canoe RaceSaturday, August 8 through Sunday, August 9The return of a legendary cross-Quetico marathon canoe race. Stock canoes. Self navigated, 120 mile race over Quetico lakes, portages, rivers, and creeks. Inspired by the 1960s legendary Ely – Atikokan race. Held for 3 years, it originally went from Ely, Minnesota through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provincial Park to Atikokan, Ontario. Perfect for long distance marathon canoeists. Because of strict border issues and BWCAW regulations the race will be held entirely in Canada, from French Lake to Prairie Portage (overnight at Prairie Portage) and back.
Tel: 807-597-5028 until May; then 807-929-3141 ext. 228
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Children’s Orienteering Workshop Kid can learn map, compass and GPS skills. These newly-acquired skills will be tested the following day during an interactive scavenger hunt like Quetico has never seen before!
Tel: 807-929-3141 ext. 228.

Pictograph Gallery – Atikokan – Open Juried Art ExhibitionSaturday, August 8 through Saturday, August 29Local Artist competition inspired by Quetico’s centennial.
Tel: 807-597-4344

Lake Superior Dragon Boat RacesFriday, August 21 through Saturday, August 22Cheer for the USFS and Quetico Staff team as they celebrate 100 years of partnership in managing Quetico and the Ontario and Minnesota border lakes region.
Tel: 807-597-2735
Web site: http://www.lakesuperiordragons.com/
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Quetico will be hosting the Royal Astronomical Society; Thunder Bay Chapter Friday, August 21 through Saturday, August 22Ted Bronson and Dave Gallant will be delivering presentations on stargazing. High powered telescopes will be used to view the skies later in the evenings.
Tel: 807-929-3141 ext.228
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca

Pictograph Centennial Canoe trip hosted by a park naturalistFriday, September 4 – Sunday, September 6Tel: 807-929-3141-ext. 228
Email: quetico100th@ontario.ca