Please Recycle

     It is difficult for me to imagine there are still places that do not recycle.  The number of plastic bottles in my car is a constant reminder there are not too many places to get rid of items that can be recycled.  I don’t understand how recycling can’t be mandatory for businesses.


     There are so many rules and regulations to operate a business there may as well be one that is worthwhile.  It could make a huge difference if resorts and ou tf itters along the Gunflint Trail were required to recycle.  I cringe to think at all of the bottles a nearby restaurant throws into the garbage not to mention all of the recyclable materials their cabin guests throw away.  It would be nice to have a list of which businesses recycle, although it would be short.


     We recycle at Voyageur and have since we moved here in 1993.  I have been known to dig through garbage cans to pick out recyclable materials that others have thrown away.  We separate glass, paper, plastic, tin, aluminum, cardboard, newsprint and magazines.  We also recycle many other items and will continue to do so even if it is more of an effort than just tossing it all into a garbage.


     It would save money and resources if the businesses were required to recycle.  There isn’t even a landfill in Cook County so all of our garbage is trucked to Wisconsin , a 3 hour drive.   There isn’t a gas station in town that has bins for plastic or aluminum and there isn’t a recycling bin to be found on any street in town.  You would think living next to such pristine wilderness would prompt people to save natural resources but I guess some people just don’t get it.


     I hope others will get on the recycling band wagon.  If everyone just did a little then it would make a big difference.