Playing Games

 When the kids are at home from school and we need to stay inside then we love to play games.  Abby likes Sequence, Josh likes Farkel, Mike likes cards and I like Yahtzee or any kind of word games.  We like to get together with family and friends to play games too.  While the green game listed below sounds a bit odd I bet we could come up with a game of our own.  Got any ideas?

Does going green run in your family?

The Bite

If you challenge your relatives to be a little greener, they’ll run with it. While the family’s in town, turn them on to five simple eco-tips and tally up who’s doing what. Whatever happens, the planet scores an epic win.

The Benefits

  • Championing greenness. Easy changes add up between family members (for instance: Getting your big bro to shave just 30 seconds off his marathon shower saves about 4 gallons), plus nongreen relatives will hopefully take what they learn back home.
  • A fun run. OK, so this game might sound a little off the wall, but when you’re Guitar Hero and Monopoly’d out, it can actually be kinda fun.
  • If 10,000 Biters get five family members onto the reusable bottle bandwagon, in a year we’ll avert the weight of two adult African elephants in plastic waste.

Personally Speaking

These are our double-dog dares – let us know how you challenge your own fam to go green by commenting in the blog.

Wanna Try?

  • Object of the game: to score the highest number of green points (and the right to brag about it).
  • Equipment: reusable bags and bottles; a clock or watch to time showers.
  • Keeping score: sign up the kids, nieces, or nephews to keep track of the points – they make great, unbudging point-callers. Create a chart and tally up points on the fridge.
  • How to play:
    • Bring Reusable Bags – gain a point for going on market or pharmacy runs without resorting to throwaway paper or plastic at the register.
    • Carry Reusable Bottles – get a point for every time you fill up a nondisposable bottle (encourages everyone to stay hydrated too).
    • Pick Up Litter – easy: get one point for each piece of trash when you’re out and about.
    • Take Shorter Showers – have the fam time showers, and get a point if you can shave 30 seconds off each day you’re in town.
    • Turn Off the Lights – dock a point when you leave the room for a while but forget to shut off the lights.
  • The player with the most points at the end of the trip wins!