Old Timers on the Trail

     There was a day when Mike and I were referred to as the "New Kids on the Block."  That was back in the 1990’s when most resort owners had been on the Gunflint Trail considerably longer than us.  When we bought Voyageur back in 1993 we were thrilled to have found a place that wasn’t being handed down to another generation or sold behind the scenes.  We didn’t think resorts or outfitters went up for sale very often and back then they didn’t.

     Things have changed on the Gunflint Trail and since we arrived in 1993 there have been more "New" Kids on the Block.  In fact, only a few places still have the original owners as in 1993; Way of the Wilderness, Seagull Outfitters, Hestons, Windigo,  Norwester, Hungry Jack Outfitters and Trout Lake Resort.  Superior North still has the same owners but they weren’t open this year due to the Ham Lake Fire and have been wanting to sell since we bought Voyageur.  Gunflint Lodge has had a couple of changes over the years with the eldest Kerfoot son Robert taking the helm for a while and now his little brother has been giving it a try for a few years.  Gunflint Pines and Tuscarora have only  been sold once over the past fifteen years while Rockwood, Clearwater and Bearskin have sold twice each.  It’s strange to look around a room of Gunflint Trail resorters and realize Mike and I are some of the more experienced ones on the Trail.

     If you want to meet some really "old" Old Timers then there are a few of those around still too.  Many of the folks who used to own the resorts still reside on the Gunflint Trail.  I imagine there will be many more changes to come on the Trail as the years go by.  More new kids on the block and older old timers on the trail.