Marathon Cancelled

   The 25th running of the John Beargrease Marathon will happen in 2008, not 2007.  The race organizers who said the race would be run "regardless" of trail conditions near Duluth, have now canceled this year’s marathon.  They had been looking into alternate routes for the race, like up by us where there is snow, but decided the race wouldn’t receive enough exposure if it was ran in such a remote area.  They went on to say that it wouldn’t be "fair" to the Sponsors.  

     I am constantly telling my children that life isn’t fair and now the Beargrease Board wants to be fair?  Who makes the Beargrease?  Is it the sponsors, the mushers, the spectators, the dogs, the volunteers or a combination of all of these?  Is it fair to all of the people who have re-arranged schedules to be able to participate at the end of February?  How about the businesses who depend upon the influx of people during this popular event?    

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  My friends at Black Magic Kennels have more information about the race on their website.(They are on their way to a race in Michigan this weekend).  I don’t know what I think, but I certainly don’t think it’s fair to cancel the Beargrease after postponing it and posting this on their website.

Organizers of the 25th Running of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon want all participants, volunteer’s and spectators to know that the race WILL run on February 25, 2007  – regardless. Snow conditions on the southern half of the Beargrease trail remain poor, however the northern part of the trail is in pretty good condition with adequate snowfall. At this time, we are exploring several viable trail options on the northern half, and are plotting a safe, but challenging course. We also remain optimistic that the southern part of the trail will get the “major dumping” it so deserves! Stay tuned for more information.”