Looking for a Handout

     This morning we woke up to some snow flurries but before long the sun was shining brightly again.  The fresh snow did look nice as it sparkled beneath the spectacular sunlight all day.   The temperatures got up into the teens but the strong wind kept things cool.

<%image(20070217-abdeesm.jpg|200|133|Northwoods Deer)%>

    Abby and I went to Gunflint Pines to visit their new puppy but were more impressed with the deer herd they feed there.   With a shake of a pitcher filled with corn the deer started coming out of the woods.  Soon we saw legs and eyes peeking around trees and then there they were.  All waiting for a free lunch.  Abby was hoping to feed one out of her hand, but I rushed her.  "If we would have just waited a little bit longer, Mom…"