Canadian Opener

     Whereas the day before Valentine’s Day is special for me every year, the day after Valentine’s Day is special for Mike this year.  Why?  Because today is the fishing opener for Lake Trout in Canada and he gets to go fishing!

     He has been excitedly preparing for a great fishing adventure and can’t wait to get out and find some fish.  He has a group of friends that are starting their sleds and packing up as I type this morning.  They will head to Canada by snowmobile, stop at Powell’s for their Canadian Licenses and then make their way to Mowe Lake.  They have a favorite spot for fishing with a great place for a shore lunch by an island.    

     Mike is in charge of cooking today so he made a pack list with all of his goodies on it and said I could share it with you.

<%image(20070215-shorelunchsm.jpg|200|140|lake trout shore lunch)%>
  • saw
  • matches
  • fire grate
  • fillet knife
  • fry pan
  • bacon
  • Crisco
  • canned potatoes(if in BWCA then real potatoes)
  • canned baked beans(if in BWCA then put into plastic)
  • fish breading(Cashew recipe from Gunflint Lodge Cookbook)
  • tartar sauce(Awesome recipe from A Taste of the Gunflint Trail)
  • tongs & spatula
  • can opener
  • plates
  • cups
  • silverware
  • coffee pot
  • paper towels
  • garbage bag
  • matches
  • hot beverages(hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee)
  • food pack
  • Snickers(even though he didn’t have this on the list I saw them on the counter!)

     Is he forgetting anything?  Do you have a favorite shore lunch recipe?   If so, then let me know, I’d love to post it on the blog for others to enjoy.