Let it be Light

     It’s something that happens gradually every year around this time and the change is quite subtle.  Day by day you don’t even realize it is happening before your very eyes.  I probably wouldn’t have noticed it either except for the fact the kids had no school last week because of a mid-winter break.  There last day of school before break was February 15th and they went back to school yesterday on the 25th of February. 

     Remember, I’m not good at math(don’t tell my daughter), but that was a full 9 mornings of me sleeping past 5:30AM.  I didn’t have to get the kids out to the bus stop by 6:37AM, so I wasn’t paying much attention to anything but the back of my eyelids for those 9 days.  But yesterday, when we stepped outside to get into the car to drive to the bus stop we were all shocked at how light it was outside.  We all kind of looked at each other with the same confused expression on our faces until Abby asked,  "What time is it?"  I checked my watch and confirmed it was indeed only 6:34AM, but it looked like daytime outside.  The kids didn’t even need the light on inside the car to buckle up.  The last time I had taken them to the bus it was almost pitch black outside with stars still in the sky.

     Here I go with the more difficult math.  Each day the daylight hours get a little longer, somewhere around 3 minutes and ten seconds to 3 minutes and twenty seconds during this time of the year.  So that means over those 10 days we gained more than a half of an hour in daylight, right?  10 times 3 equals 30!!!  Now, don’t worry, I don’t think it got light 30 minutes earlier, probably only half or 15 minutes earlier and it stayed light later, maybe even 15 minutes later!  No wonder why it was so light.

     Anyway, the truth is the days are getting longer and will continue to do so until June, so get outside and enjoy that light!