Too Warm

     The weather this winter is starting to remind me of the 3 bears; it’s been too cold, too warm but hardly ever just right.  On Sunday the temperature soared up into the 40’s and that’s way too warm for February.  I don’t need to see any snow melting until April as far as I’m concerned.  We’ve had enough days of below zero temperatures this month too though, 18 of them to be exact.  So, there it is, too warm and too cold.  Now, how about a forecast of just right? 

     A just right forecast in my world would include three inches of fresh snow each day with daily high temperatures in the low 20’s, slight breeze, abundant sunshine and nightly lows that can dip into the negative teens. 

     I’m not sure what the real world forecast looks like, partly because I don’t want to know if it’s going to be like it was yesterday.  I went snowmobiling to Trail Center yesterday and it was too hot.  Can you believe that?  I rode with my visor up the whole way and had to unzip my jacket so I didn’t overheat.

     With Winter Tracks coming up this weekend and Mush for a Cure on the 15th I would like to put a request in for some weather that is just right please…