Lake Trout Fishing

I finally got to go Lake Trout fishing this past week.  We decided to explore some areas where we had never been and got lucky enough to find some fish there.  We started out early in the morning on snowmobiles, five of us in all.  We road on portage trails, across lakes, frozen ponds, alongside of streams and through some gorgeous scenery for about 28 miles before reaching our destination.  It was a lake in Canada that had been burned in the 1995 Wet Lake Fire.  It was the same year as the Sag Fire so much of the forest looked very similar in size, a unique area.  We tried our luck for a couple of hours with only one bite, so we moved on.  The next lake had not been burned and was absolutely beautiful.  We drilled some more holes and within the first half an hour I had caught two Lake Trout.  Bonnie helped me get them out of the hole and I almost caught her with my hook on the 2nd fish.  The hook came out of the fish’s mouth and got her right on her neck gaiter as she was reaching into the hole to grab the Trout before it could swim back down the hole.  Luckily Bonnie is fast or we wouldn’t have had enough fish to feed everyone that evening.

<%image(20060307-suelaketsmall.jpg|200|267|Lake Trout)%>

  A great time was had by all and I can’t wait to get out and do it again.