Here I Come

     The title is continued from my last blog entry where I said September was coming, "ready or not."  The "here I come" is from the game Hide and Seek in case you didn’t get it.  "Here it is" may have been more appropriate but in any case, September is here, it’s the first official day of September.

     It doesn’t really feel too different from August so far.  The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing and the loons are calling.  The temperature is predicted to reach up into the 80’s today and Josh is already outside catching crayfish and frogs.  Just another summer day until I attempt to coax the children into bed by 8pm so they are somewhat ready for their first day of school tomorrow.

     In an outfitting business Labor Day is just another day in the string of many busy ones tied together tightly over the past 4 months.  It is probably even busier than some summer days with a mass exit occuring and very few, if any, new guests checking in during the day.

     We hope you will take advantage of this first day of September that happens to be Labor Day.  While we may be laboring we hope you are relaxing and enjoying this fine day.