Happy Valentine’s Day

     Valentine’s Day is a big day for some people.  People who are madly in love enjoy Valentine’s Day, those who have recently broken up or lost a love one may be dreading the day while still others approach the day with curiosity and wonder…

     I remember Valentine’s Days of the past with mixed emotion.  Some I was pleasantly surprised while others I was shockingly disappointed.  For the past couple of decades Valentine’s Day has been pretty predictable for me and that’s a good thing.

     I will be helping out in Josh’s classroom during their Valentine’s Day Party today.  I will be trying to read those 1st grade faces as they open each Valentine with anticipation.  What kind of message does it have?  What does that message really mean? Those are the thoughts I would have had while most boys like Josh only care about the candy attached to the card.

     Tasty candy or not, good message or bad;  May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love.