Greenest of All!





 The Ham Run Gets Even Greener in 2010!

The Ham Run has always been a green race and this year it will be even greener.   Anyone who has been to a race knows how many paper cups it takes to keep runners hydrated properly.  The past two years bio-degradable cups made from corn were used at rest stations.  This year the race will be entirely cup free and each racer will be given a HydraPouch. 


The HydraPouch holds six ounces of water and is splash resistant.  It is lightweight and attaches easily to shorts or tights using the built in clip.  Racers quickly fill the HydraPouch at a dispenser equipped with the high speed dispensing valve called the HydraPour.


The HydraPour works to quickly fill any type of beverage container.  Racers may prefer to bring their own container but will be given one HydraPouch and can purchase additional ones on race day.  Racers who have tried HydraPouches love them and they especially love knowing they are doing their part by reducing the amount of waste they produce. 


We’re happy to be doing our part by making the Ham Run even greener and hope you will be too.  Learn more about the HydraPouch and see video demonstrations at


Join us on the Trail Less Traveled Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 at the Ham Run Half-Marathon and 5k Fun Run, The Greenest of All!



Cup Free Racing


Green Race Initiatives in 2010-

Paper Free Registration     Recycling Stations at race finish

Eco-Friendly Printer for race flyers-Christie Print Duluth, MN     Greenware for dining         recycled racer t-shirts     tree seedlings given to race participants  

   eco-friendly racer bags        re-usable race bibs     local Trail’s End Band     transportation & shuttles provided       local suppliers used when possible  



Now USATF Race Certified!