It’s Not Out Yet

     But it will be soon.  All day Saturday the wind pushed the ice all over the lakes breaking the large masses into smaller pieces.  Many of the smaller lakes on the Gunflint Trail are now ice free and Saganaga Lake won’t be far behind.

     We decided to take an Easter boat ride on Saganaga to check out the condition of the ice.  The narrows are free of ice and Clark Island will be within reach soon.  I love the sound of the ice as it dances around in the waves created by the boat.  The shards and crystals clink and tinkle as they bounce off of one another like windchimes in a breeze.  

     This will be the earliest ice out anyone has ever seen up here.  I so wanted to camp out on one of the BWCA sites on Easter night just to say I did it.  We’re going to have an extra month of paddling and camping in the Boundary Waters thanks to Mother Nature.  The kids are off of school this week and I think we may have to go for a paddle.  Come join in the fun and take advantage of the early ice out.  Call us at Voyageur so we can help you plan your Spring Break canoe camping trip.