Gone Fishing

All of the talk about fishing for Northern Pike got me excited, excited enough to get in the boat and try my luck.  One day I took my mother-in-law and two children out for a couple of hours.  It was a windy day and Josh was able to catch a very nice 30" Northern near an island on Saganaga with a Rapala in about 10-15 feet of water.  It was a miracle we were able to keep the boat heading in the right direction, get the livewell going, net the fish, and get it into the livewell.  The kids were extremely excited and both my mother-in-law and I were surprised at our success.  The next day I was braver and decided to take my two kids and their two friends out on Sag for the afternoon.  I shocked myself again by helping to land another big Northern and a nice Smallmouth Bass.  We had lunch on an island on Sag and had a great time.  No one got a lure stuck on them(except for me) and we had a safe return from our fishing adventure.  Come on up and join the fun Fall fishing.

<%image(20050906-abbyjoshcrop.jpg|184|160|Josh's Northern Pike)%>