Aurora Borealis

Have you seen the Northern Lights?  They are one of the most beautiful things you can see.  They mysteriously appear for a dance across the sky; sometimes long but more often short.  Their colors can change with a blink of an eye or remain constant throughout the appearance.  They flicker and pulse or just remain as a still glow.  No matter what their performance is on any given night, it is a wonderful sight to see.  I was treated to a display the other night and as usual it mezmerized me.  I stood in awe until my neck began to ache and then I considered laying down on the dock to watch them.  But as quickly as they appeared they disappeared into the black night sky.  I have heard many stories and legends regarding Northern Lights and have tried to understand why and how they occur.  You can read more about the fascinating Aurora Borealis at this website.  Be sure to follow some of the links to other interesting sites that even have forecasts for the Northern Lights.