Moose on the Loose

When we first moved up to the Gunflint Trail in 1993 we were so excited every time we saw a moose.  We decided to keep track of the number of moose we saw but that only lasted about a week.  We saw moose after moose after moose and soon lost count.  Now sometimes when we see a moose on the side of the road or in a pond we don’t even slow down to look.  Moose are an amazing creature and I am still captivated by their rare beauty.  The person who sees the most moose in our area is most likely the bus driver.  Just the other morning Abby saw two on her way to school.  In the winter it is common to see groups of moose out on the road licking the salt.  Our record is 13 moose on a one-way trip to town during the winter.  The bus driver has a higher record, I think 17.  So, in a way, I guess we are still keeping track of the moose we see, just not in the same way as we started out.