Global Warming on the Gunflint Trail

     Talk of global warming has been going on for what seems like forever.  You see interviews about it on the news, there are discussions on the radio, campaigns on billboards, and seminars about it everywhere.  There are those who strongly believe global warming is happening and there are still those who do not think it is going on.  Regardless of what you think is happening you can make decisions that will be better for the earth and future generations.  The following tips for keeping the earth healthy are from an article called, Climate Change: What Does the Future Hold for Great Lakes National Parks.

  •  Walk, ride a bus or train, carpool with friends, or ride a bike whenever possible.
  •  When it is time to replace the family car, consider one that gets more miles per gallon than your present vehicle.
  •  Convert light bulbs in your house to compact fluorescent bulbs. Turn off lights you are not using.
  •  Buy products that feature reusable, recyclable, or reduced packaging. This saves the energy needed to make new containers and reduces greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.
  •  Educate others. Let friends and family know about these easy, energy-saving steps they can take to save money while protecting the environment.
  •  Encourage scientific research and public discussion on global warming and solutions such as energy efficiency and alternative energy. like solar power, wind power.