False sense of security

The late spring has lulled me into a false sense of security. The snow covered ground and ice covered lakes makes one think summer is far away but in reality it’s not. It’s this time of the year we check our lists and wonder, “Are there enough hours in the day to get everything ready for the season?” The answer is always, “It doesn’t matter, summer won’t wait.”

As soon as the ice goes out summer is here, ready or not.  A spring BWCAW canoe trip right after the ice goes out is something not many people experience. It’s very quiet in the woods and on the water except for the occasional slap of a beaver’s tail or splash of a fish. Not too many people brave the chilly nights and possible mid-day snow flurries. But the ones who do are rewarded with discoveries of snow beneath the pines and chunks of ice floating by.

Lets not forget one of the reasons people brave the freezing cold water to venture out into the canoe country early in the spring, don’t let them fool you, it’s because the lake trout fishing is amazing.

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