Snowy opening game

The first baseball and softball games of Cook County School were played today one hour south in Silver Bay, MN. I don’t know how they got their fields mainly free of snow but they did a good job. They did need to explain any ball that rolled into the snow in the outfield would be considered a double! The high temperature for the day was 33 degrees and there was a brisk wind blowing the snowflakes around. Bundled up in my winter coat, mittens, hat, scarf and a big blanket I still managed to shiver and my feet froze because I didn’t wear boots. I used to think watching hockey was cold, then I started going to cross-country ski meets and found out what cold really was. The good thing about cross-country ski meets is a race only lasts fifteen to twenty minutes not two hours long like a ball game. Hopefully the next games will be a little more enjoyable to watch.

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