Ore boats, eagles and deer

We’ve made a few trips up and down the north shore the past week and have noticed some things. There’s still quite a bit of snow in the woods but closer to the big lake there’s grass beginning to show. The deer are hungry and appear in large numbers in the ditches.  We didn’t count but we’ve seen several groups with 5-10 deer at a time. It’s kind of like a game of Frogger where the deer are the frogs attempting to make their way across the road without being squished. It’s not as fun as the original video game but it does hold your attention.

We’ve also noticed a bunch of bald eagles. They too like to congregate near the shore of Lake Superior because the deer that don’t make the trip across the road provide an easy meal. I’ve read where sometimes eagles will eat so much food when they try to fly they aren’t able to get airborne quickly enough and they will get hit by vehicles.  So, if you happen to take a drive up the North Shore anytime soon be sure to keep your eyes open for deer, eagles and other interesting things like ore boats.

The ore boats aren’t hanging out in the ditches but they are making trips again as the shipping season has re-opened. In the late fall and early spring we see them closer to shore and it’s always fun to see them.


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