Every Day is Earth Day

     Abby is a Girl Scout and for Earth Day her troop made eco-friendly cleaners.  They sold lemon oil furniture polish, window cleaner and some other items at the Whole Foods Co-Op in Grand Marais on Sunday.  They were able to earn enough money to pay for their Gunflint Green Up registration so they can plant trees on Saturday, May 3rd.  We still have room at Voyageur so you can join us and the Girl Scouts as we head in the direction to make every day earth day, maybe you can too.

The Bite You could start a rainforest rally next to the coffee stirrers, or you could just post our Top 10 Easiest Ways to Green Your Office in the break room bulletin board. Either way, it’ll be a nice change from just talking smack on the guy in the cubicle down the hall (fun as that is).

The Benefits

  • Easy does it. Simple tips like recycling ink cartridges and setting computers to hibernate are easy enough for even your schmuckiest coworker.
  • An eco-cleaner workplace. Example: Office buildings account for 28% of commercial energy demand, but the Department of Energy says that with a few easy changes we can reduce office energy use by 10%. You can also save paper and plastic, and avert CO2 and noxious chems.


Personally Speaking
Even though she’s in the office less than anyone, Heather can’t figure out why she finds herself stuck with the job of replacing the water jug on top of the cooler all the freakin’ time.

Wanna Try?