Eat Green

     Feel better about eating out by encouraging your favorite restaurants to go green. Check out these tips from idealbyte.

Wanna leave more than 15% next time you visit your fave restaurant?

The Bite
Tip more: Suggest to local eateries that they go green with their food and supplies (and in some cases it can even cut costs). Check, please.

The Benefits
  • Enticing planetary payoffs. For example, lowering energy use (such as installing efficient lighting) can make a big dent; restaurants consume more electricity than any other retail outlets…switching just one incandescent lightbulb to an energy-saving CFL can save $20-plus per year.
  • More appetizing fare. Higher-quality, organic ingredients can only mean good things for your palate.
  • If 10,000 Biters encourage their favorite restaurant to replace just one incandescent lightbulb with a compact fluorescent one, those restaurants will collectively save $296,000 on energy bills during the bulbs’ lifetimes.
  • In the United States, half of the money that we spend on food, we spend at restaurants.

Personally Speaking
One of Jenifer’s favorite restaurants doesn’t serve free-range meats, but every time she goes in she asks for it. They haven’t switched yet, but at least three different waiters now know what free-range means.

Wanna Try?
A few things you can suggest (on a comment card or just by asking – c’mon, don’t be shy):

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