Canoe Races for the GTVFD

     Everyone on the Gunflint Trail and especially the crew at Voyageur are looking forward to this Wednesday night.  The Annual Canoe Races sponsored by the homeowners will be held to raise money for the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.


    Many volunteers work to make sure the annual canoe races are a success.  They find tons of great prizes and gifts for the raffle, prepare delicious sloppy joes and accompaniments for the dinner, and organize the races so everyone has a chance to have fun. 

     The Voyageur Crew has been training for the races under their Coach Don.  Luck and determination has helped the Voyageur Crew to bring home the team trophy for the past four years and they are hoping to bring it home again this year.    


  The races are held on Gunflint Lake at Gunflint Lodge and are more for fun than anything.  There are races with broken paddles, backwards paddling and the ever-famous gunwale pumping.   It’s a time to see friends and neighbors, raise money for the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department and have a chance to win some great prizes including a Wenonah Canoe.

     If you’re on the Trail then be sure to head on over to the Annual Canoe Races at Gunflint Lodge this Wednesday.