Difficulty Getting Anywhere

     The past few days I have been extremely challenged getting anywhere at Voyageur.  I head outside to walk over to Riverside and I abruptly stop in my tracks.  My back gives out, my hands fall to the ground and then out of nowhere blueberries are being crammed into my mouth.  Everywhere I look there are berries begging to be picked. 


   There’s a tree/bush in front of the store at Voyageur that beckons while I am outside.  I gravitate towards it and the delicious berries hanging from the branches.  Before I know it I’m stretching and jumping to reach these wonderful morsels that someone told me were "service berries."  I don’t know their real name but I find these bushes everywhere and have a hard time getting from point A to point B.

     I was trying to give my relatives a tour of Voyageur the other day and I think it was the longest tour I have ever given.  Even the raspberry bushes are full of berries and I just can’t help but stop to pick them.  The berries are a definite distraction keeping me from getting anything done so I would appreciate it if you would come and help me get rid of them so I can at least make it out of my yard.