Boundary Water’s Fire

There has been lots of publicity regarding the Alpine Lake Fire in the BWCA.  Television crews and reporters from newspapers have been out and about looking for a good story.  Curious bystanders have also been driving up the Trail to see what all of the hype is about.  Even though it is an awesome sight to see smoke, fire, and planes overhead, we need to make sure the firefighters can do their job.  Please stay clear of their vehicles and out of their way when they are attempting to land on a lake.  Use caution when driving the Gunflint Trail, especially if it is smoky.  The weather cooperated today and fire crews were able to make some progress in establishing fire lines.  They laid out a significant amount of sprinklers and are hoping for another day of light wind, and some moisture to help keep the fire under control.  There is a map of the Alpine Lake Fire that was circulated at an informational meeting today that may be of interest to you.