Becoming Solid

     Things are transforming once again on the Gunflint Trail.  The liquid lakes are slowly stiffening and the ground is getting harder each day.  The precipitation that falls from the sky is in the form of flakes and soon the forest floor will be covered with a blanket of white snow for the winter. 

     This time of the year our eyes are especially sharp.  We can see forever into the woods and spot animals we normally wouldn’t be able to see through the foliage.  We find secret creeks and ponds thanks to all of the rain we’ve received.  And we search our property looking for anything that is out of place.

     We have learned over the years that if something isn’t properly stored for the winter then it may not make it until the next spring.  We’ve had a kevlar canoe become a casualty of a snow plow and misplaced an item only to find it after all of the snow has melted.  It’s so nice to have everything neat and in it’s place in preparation for the winter.  We know once the sky opens up anything left outside will spend the winter hibernating undisturbed like our furry friends.

     Just as the earth prepares for the new season we at Voyageur, both family and business are settling down into a solid routine.  We’ll cozy into building a fire in the fireplace each day, shoveling off the deck and feeding the winter birds.  We’ll watch, wait and prepare for all to become solid again.