Another Slice of Heaven


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    Some of you may think I am exaggerating when I say cross-country skiing on the Gunflint Trail is like being in heaven, I assure you, I’m not.  Yesterday I decided to go for a ski and made my way towards Gunflint Lake.  I was disappointed when I passed the trails near Cross River because they hadn’t been groomed yet.  When I turned onto South Gunflint Lake Road I started to worry but after I talked to the groomers and found out Lonely Lake had just been groomed I was ecstatic.

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     I drove down to the Mile O’ Pine road, parked my car, strapped my skis on and hit the trails.  The 3-4 inches of new snow we received on Wednesday had been spread out perfectly.  The tracks were set,  the snow was sparkling, and the sun was shining overhead.  The temperature was a perfect 15 degrees and the wind was barely detectable. 

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      I skied the Lonely Lake Trail west underneath towering pines and the cliffs of the South Rim Trail.  I traversed slowly up the hills and breezed down them along Lonely Lake and past the shelter there.  I made my way to Amperage Run to make the return trek back east toward my vehicle.  I followed the fresh tracks of the deer, passed cattails through the lowlands and then emerged from the shelter of the trails.      

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  As I glided beneath the snow-laden trees and took in the sights of nature all around me I indeed felt like I was in heaven.  When I’m out in the woods the cool, fresh air has a calming effect on my brain and on my soul.  I feel sheltered, protected and secure as I travel the wilderness trails.  As I look outside my window and see the glittering snow I can feel the trails beckoning to me and I can’t wait until I am out there once again.