And They’re Off

     To the canoe races on the Gunflint Trail we hope.  Today is the day for the annual races to benefit the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Mother Nature to cooperate with us for nice weather and no wind.

     The canoe races are always a great time.  Delicious sloppy joes, popcorn and homebaked items are sold by the happy homeowners who volunteer their time to help the GTVFD.  Chelsea from Voyageur will be eating creme puffs in hopes of winning the food eating contest against other Gunflint Trail residents.  One lucky winner of the raffle will walk away with a brand new canoe donated by Wenonah Canoe.  Many other folks will win great gifts from the huge selection of prizes for the raffle.

     The highlight of the evening is the wacky and wonderful races.  Backwards paddling, broken paddle and my personal favorite, gunwale pumping.  Jennifer from Voyageur won that one last year so we’re hoping for a 2 year winning streak.  The Voyageur Crew always has the most participants of any of the resorts on the Gunflint Trail and that along with a little luck and a lot of talent usually makes Voyageur the recipient of the Canoe Race Trophy. 

     If you can make it to the races then please come and cheer on the Voyageur Crew.  If not, then please do a silent cheer or not so silent wherever you are.